Shenzhen Harteng  Intelligent System Integration Technology Co., Ltd. was established in  2008, in recent years, adhere to the "deepening reform, market-oriented,  key breakthroughs, leading the industry," the technology development  strategy, has now become a network line; patch panels; Routers; switches; cable an important supplier, by the multi-praise.
        Enterprise  existing staff of 100-200 people, the team stable and dynamic;  registered capital of 6 million yuan, and in increasing investment. In  the future we will be based on innovation and development, the  principle of the supremacy of our main business to do a good job. In the information age we will also actively use new business methods such as e-commerce.
      Shenzhen  Harteng Intelligent System Integration Technology Co., Ltd.'s main  business: integrated wiring, access control card, switch server, UPS  power supply, network cabinets, monitoring equipment. Has  been stable and reliable product quality and good business reputation,  made the majority of customers trust, if you are interested in our  products and services, welcome 来人, calls, to postal contact, we look  forward to cooperation.